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12 BRILLIANT Items We All Found In Our Homes In The 1970s!

1. Plates

How many of you remember these?

2. Cutlery

My mum uses these! Amazing 🙂

3. Gas Fire

I used to keep warm behind this!

4. Clock

EVERYONE had these clocks!

5. Telephone seat

All the telephone directories in there!

6. Twin Tub

Imagine having to use this today?

7. Hoover

These were a different class!

8. Cooker

Don’t see many of these today 🙂

9. Music centre

Who remembers?

10. Ewbank

I LOVED mine! So fun 🙂

11. Food Mixer

Serious memories 🙂

12. Pouffe

Who had one of these?

Hope you’ve enjoyed these memories…