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10 Things Guaranteed To Be In Every House In The 80s

1. Soap On A Rope

Regardless of who’s house you went to in the 80s, every bathroom had one of these. Most of the time these would never be used but that never mattered because we would all have at least one of these…or three like my household.

This was a classic Christmas gift from you aunties or uncles! But, there was no using these properly. These soaps were more of a bathroom ornament than soap that was actually used to wash your hands.

2. Glass Fish

There was no house complete without random glass fish spotted around everywhere! Another typically 80s household item that didn’t have much use other than looking pretty in your home. Every house that you went in, you’d find one of these fish…

These were something that everyone was crazy about back in the day! We’re not too sure why fish were ever a ‘thing’ but there are so many trends that seem to fizzle out. Mine used to be in the bathroom.. what about you?

3. An Ashtray Like This

The 80s were a time when a lot of people smoked and when smoking in the house was extremely common! But, do you remember that every house had a posh ash tray like this? It was always in the middle of the table in the living room or on the coffee table.

I can’t believe that it was still legal to smoke indoors! It’s bizarre! But, this ashtray made an appearance in lots of houses. They were quite fancy but everyone still seemed to have their own ashtray.

4. These Glass Paperweights

Image result for glass paperweight 80s

There is no house that didn’t have one of these paperweights back in the day. They were dotted everywhere! I remember at my Nana and Grandpas house that they would have these dotted everywhere and there was one windowsill that was full of them!

We mentioned earlier about some trends that managed to stay relevant throughout the years but for some reason, these glass paperweights haven’t really made their way into the naughties. You don’t really see many of these ornaments anymore!

5. Cassette Recorder

We all loved having one of these and having the ability to record our favourite songs on them ever!

Then we got to make mix tapes for all of our favourite people that had the best types of songs on them.

6. Little Scraps Of Soaps

These little scraps of soaps were so funny. There was no bathroom ever that didn’t have this scrap of soap left over and they were never used because you always ended up getting a new bar of soap and just using that.

No one would ever use this bit of soap… but then again no one would ever clear it from the sink! Someone ended up trying to mould the little scraps of soap to the new bar so that all of the left over bits of soap were used.

7. Fridge Magnets

Some people’s fridges were absolutely caked in hundreds of magnets that they had collected themselves. Most of them were from places you’d visited on holiday but a lot of them were just random magnets that had absolutely no meaning.

This was a classic thing to buy from holiday… a souvenir magnet that you would then hang on your fridge in pride. The good thing about magnets were that you could hang anything you wanted on your fridge. Photos, reminders, calendars etc. A lot of people today don’t have magnetic fridges that you can stick magnets to them.

8. Terrible Carpet

Your parents thought it was a great idea to go for some extremely funky carpet patterns! They were always an awful colour that never matched anything else in the house.

But, looking back their choice of carpet was just horrendous. No wonder though, they were ripped out as soon as someone came to their sense and this is one of the 80s trends that were are very glad stayed in that decade.

9. One Of These Televisions

There was no house that didn’t have a classic TV like this! The screen was so small wasn’t it but back then it was like having a huge HD TV. There were certain TV programmes we used to rush home to watch because if we missed them, there was no way of us watching it again.

Unfortunately there was no such thing as recording our favourite TV programmes or getting to rewind them. If you missed it, then you missed it. But there was no stopping us sitting round and watching the best programmes on them every night!

10. A Fan-Girl Poster

In every girls room, there was something like this stuck up all around all of the walls! No matter who your crush was, you made sure they were plastered all over your walls to show how much you appreciated them. We would get these from our favourite magazines and cut them out to decorate our, what would be, boring rooms!

Decorating your walls with band posters or posters of your favourite celebrities isn’t really that popular today and we’re not too sure why. We used to love getting creative in our rooms and filling our walls with lots of different posters. Who was the celebrity that filled up the majority of your walls in your bedroom in the 80s?