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10 Keypers You’ll Definitely Remember From The 80s

1. Joyful.

Joyful had long hair, glittery eyes and you could unlock her tummy! You could braid her hair or put it in a little bun on her head.

2. Bonnie.

Bonnie was her UK name, she was called Brella over in the US. She was a lot like Joyful but she had big pointy ears and a veil. She also came with a little hairbrush and she was slightly bigger than the other Keypers usually.

3. Michelle.

Her shell unlocked to reveal a secret compartment, she had sleepy eyes and in America, she was called Sheldon. Weird. She did look a lot more female than male, but whatever. That little sleep hat was so cute too and the scarf matched it. Her sleepy eyes were often glittery and she had long white & pink hair and a pink keyring and purple brush to restyle that tiny bit of hair you could see coming out of her hat.

4. Princess.

The swan came with white or pink hair and a scarf, as well as a cute little crown! It came with a hair brush too so you could brush her hair whenever you wanted. I once tried to curl her hair with one of my mums heated rollers and it never went straight again.

5. Belle.

The baby swan had purple or pink hair with a bonnet and glittery eyes with a key and a brush that came with it. This was one of the most popular Keypers, selling out every Christmas. She came with a white block with a key painted on the side and the brush.

6. Fancy.

The adult pink snail came with a key, key ring, brush and scarf. I never thought a snail could look cute until I saw this Keyper. This one had a little mini keyper in its shell that you had to unlock with its key. This keyper was super popular with kids and I can see why.

7. Diamond.

The pony came in all sorts of colours, she had a saddle, came with a key ring, key and a brush. It looked just like my little pony from the 90s. You could also buy little accessories to come with the horse. Oh and the saddle unlocked, snazzy.

8. Glitter.

This baby pony came with a little brush, it came in 10 different colours and was extremely popular with little girls. You could plait both the tail & hair nand it was covered in glitter.

9. Tango.

Tangoes secret place was below her wings! She came with yellow hair and an extremely bright coloured body. If you stared at it for a bit too long, she hurt your eyes but she was extremely fun to play with.

10. Finders.


These finders came with adult keypers, you could collect them and make your own little Keyper family. Which Keyper did you have when you were younger?

Keypers were hugely popular in the late 80s and so were some of the merchandise that you could buy with them…

You could buy a story book and cassette tape puzzles with big wooden pieces or even a lunchbox with your favourite keypers on the front of them.

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